Frequently Asked Questions

What is solar panel?

Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity. They are called "solar" panels because most of the time, the most powerful source of light available is the Sun, called Sol by astronomers. A solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Lots of small solar cells spread over a large area can work together to provide enough power to be useful. The more light that hits a cell, the more electricity it produces.

What are advantages of solar panel?

he use of skylights in home construction can also greatly reduce energy expenditure required to light rooms in a homes interior during the day. Solar power helps to slow/stop global warming. It saves society billions or trillions of dollars. Solar power provides energy independence and reliability.

What is broadcasting?

Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and/or video content or other messages to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium, but typically one using the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves).

What is satellite broadcasting?

A satellite broadcast is the distribution of video content over a satellite network. The audio and video signals are acquired at the origination point and transmitted through an uplink truck to a geo-synchronous satellite.

What are key advantages of satellite broadcasting?

High bandwidth
Coverage over a large geographical area
Can be cheaper over long distances

What Are Advantages of LED Lights?

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. This is compared to fluorescent lights which convert 95% of energy to heat and only 5% into light! LED lights also draw much less power than traditional lighting; a typical 84 watt fluorescent can be replaced by a 36 watt LED to give the same level of light. Less energy use reduces the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

What Techniques and services offered by CCTV?

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in CCTV security cameras. We are able to provide service and support nationwide for Video Surveillance System and CCTV security cameras in kingdom. We have a network of experienced technical staff throughout Pakistan.

What is IP CCTV?

IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The key benefits of this over analogue CCTV security camera systems are its Greater Flexibility and Higher Quality Images.

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